Since our founding in 1887, we have been a leader in the fiber rope industry. In 1963, we began producing and selling 8-strand rope using a machine developed through our own in-house technology (the TOSCO machine). In 1976, we began producing and selling double-braid rope (product name: Toughlay), which won high praise by many users in the marine industry. Recent developments in materials and rope-manufacturing technology have made it possible to meet users' ever-expanding demands under increasingly harsh conditions. In 1991, we installed a fiber rope-dedicated 5000 kN tensile testing machine, which we are proud to say is the best in Asia, and further improved our quality assurance so customers can use our products with peace of mind. As a result, it has become possible to perform a wide range of analysis tasks in close contact with customers. Recently, we installed one of the largest 12-strand rope-making machines in Japan and began selling Twell rope. We are also developing products using high-performance fibers for energy development-related applications in the marine field.


We manufacture many types of mooring ropes for various ship types, and in recent years, our main product is the high-performance rope (Ace Line D), which was developed based on the accumulation of rope technology cultivated over many years.
We will continue to aim for further innovation in mooring rope technology.

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Tag Lines and Tow Lines

Tow ropes, there are a number of ropes that should be precisely designed to be right for operation and meet customers' demands. We have built strong reliablity with customers with our quality assurance system that perfomed variety of testing by 5000kN tensile testing machine etc.

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Ocean Engineering

With the development of marine construction technology, we can manufacture ropes that can meet the technical needs of all our customers. It is possible to meet strict requirements for strength and elongation with our unique technical capabilities.

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We have been supplying the high-strength mooring lines required for offshore mooring systems (SBM and SPM) of large tankers for several decades. As the conditions that use mooring lines are different from customer to customer, we help you design the rope and select the right connecting fittings and proper processing materials(such as thimbles and floats).
It is necessary for safe operation to complete residual strength test by 5000kN testing machine and establish retirement criteria, leading to extending the service life. We have been providing wide range of high-performance fiber ropes for off shore workboats based on specifications requested by the customer.

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