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Since our founding in 1887, we have been a leader in the fiber rope industry. In 1963, we began producing and selling 8-strand rope using a machine developed through our own in-house technology (the TOSCO machine). In 1976, we began producing and selling double-braid rope (product name: Toughlay), which won high praise by many users in the marine industry. Recent developments in materials and rope-manufacturing technology have made it possible to meet users' ever-expanding demands under increasingly harsh conditions. In 1991, we installed a fiber rope-dedicated 5000 kN tensile testing machine, which we are proud to say is the best in Asia, and further improved our quality assurance so customers can use our products with peace of mind. As a result, it has become possible to perform a wide range of analysis tasks in close contact with customers. Recently, we installed one of the largest 12-strand rope-making machines in Japan and began selling Twell rope. We are also developing products using high-performance fibers for energy development-related applications in the marine field.

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Manufacturing rope for more than 130 years, we have continued to supply ropes for the fishing industry—such as stationary ropes, aquaculture, trawls, and purse seine—and have always developed products that meet the needs of the times.For the fishing industry, where reducing labor has become a must in recent years, we have developed a number of products that have been widely praised by customers. These include our "Tough Set" ropes that have excellent dimensional stability and restorability; "Neo Marine" ropes, with high strength and abrasion resistance; and "Parabraid Rope," a lightweight rope made from all synthetic fiber that replaces wire. We will continue to develop highly functional products and contribute to the development of the fishing industry, and work with our customers every day to ensure that we are producing good products and proposals.



Tokyo Seiko's ropes play important roles in the safety of various operations such as resque or construction site. Nylon ranger ropes, for example, is designed to meet the demands of firefighters and have been popular for many years. Main ropes is designed to serve as lifelines in slope construction. Tokyo Seiko's ropes are also used in the paper industry, for stage equipment, and in many other situations. Please contact our nearest sales office by phone or email for further information. We help you find the product to suit your needs.

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New Applications

In 1981, Tokyo Seiko became the first company in Japan to sell ropes made of Kevlar® aramid fiber. Our Kevlar® rope (product name: ACE LINE®) is a high-strength, high-elasticity rope with the same thickness as wire rope, boasting the same tensile strength. Moreover, it is approximately 1/4 the weight of a wire rope. Following that, we added to our product lineup super fibers—such as Technora® aramid fiber, Vectran® polyarylate fiber, and IZANAS® ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene—to design products suitable for a variety of applications.


Rope Accessories

Our excellent feature is that not only supply synthetic fiber ropes, but also have accessories to adapt to various uses, and build an environment where you can use ropes more sustainability with safety and security.

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