After service

Not only manufacture and sell rope, we also provide various services and support to ensure the sustainable operation of rope that is gentle on people and the environment when using our products.
*Contact us for more information about our services and support, including whether they require a fee.



Verifying a Rope's Condition

Our experienced rope specialists visit the site where your ropes are used to verify their condition and support for safe rope operation.

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Sampling & Residual Strength Test

Our skilled rope technicians take a sample of the ropes being tested on-site and carry out any reprocessing that is needed.
The collected samples are tested for strength using our factory's breakage tester to measure their deterioration over time.
We aggregate the test data to help customers create their own rope exchange bases.
*It is also possible to have the test only conducted.
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Rope Processing Workshops

We also dispatch our rope processing technicians to conduct on-site training workshops such as end terminations so that you can manage better safety education.
These workshops can also be held at our factory.
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Other Services & Support

We also offer a variety of other technical support:
  • Attendance in winding ropes on delivery
  • Repairing damaged ropes
  • Holding briefing sessions on the changes in rope handling rules
  • Various durability tests, and more
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