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Nylon Ranger RopeNyron Ranger Rope

Product information

Nylon Ranger Ropes are made from High Quality Yarns suited to demanding perfoemance for rescue ropes. With strict quality control in each process,we are regularly examined by National Institute of Technology and Evaluathin. We provide Safty and Our Trusted Mark "Two Red Line" for Rescue teams

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Nylon Ranger Rope
Material High Quality Nyron
Construction 3打ち
Dia 12㎜
Color White with 2 red lines Red,Blue,Green,Yellow
Weight 18.4㎏/200m 18.6㎏/200m
Min. Breaking Strength 27.5kN
(With test method of JIS L-2704)
Elongation 45% or less
(With test method of JIS L-2704)
Construction 3 strand lay

Technical Data

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